RPPC Inc working with Hearing Health Associates

RPPC Inc working with Hearing Health Associates

RPPC Inc and Pam Morin are excited to announce that they have expanded their clientele into the world of Audiology. Pam’s focus is always on helping clients build their business and have a better understanding of the bottom line financials. She believes that is the key to success for any business. Bringing the world of QuickBooks and Audiology together sets the stage for success and great patient care.

Hearing Health Associates sets the standards for care in the Audiology and Hearing Profession. They provide a full range of hearing services along with free hearing tests. They fully believe that better hearing equates to better quality of life. Pam experienced this first hand when her mother recently became a first time hearing aid user! She’d been encouraging her mother to get hearing aids for awhile and she can attest that the quality of life she’s seen has been a blessing!

Pam Morin and Hearing Health Associates will continue to work together throughout the Kansas City market as they expand. If  you would like to schedule your free hearing test, please contact Hearing Health Associates and schedule a time convenient for you at any one of their multiple locations throughout the Kansas City metro.

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