Intuit GoPayment

Never miss a sale with GoPayment!

Are you looking for a way to get paid onsite with your customers? Check out GoPayment by Intuit – it’s a merchant services option for those of us on the go.

  • If you have a mobile phone with an internet browser, you can access the web version of GoPayment.
  • No extra hardware is needed, unless you want a credit card swiper.
  • No cancellation fee – so if you decide you don’t like it, you haven’t committed to any long-term contracts.
  • It’s affordable – just $12.95 for the monthly service.

It’s a great resource for helping make all businesses more flexible by offering a way to take payments from anywhere at anytime. There is minimal set up and you can





GoPaymentOnce you set up the account you simply need to download the app, pair your swiper, by going through settings on your mobile device or tablet, and you are ready to accept payments. Now you can get paid from anywhere!

We have expert consultants who can assist in setting up GoPayment. Contact us today to talk to a consultant about how GoPayment can benefit your business.

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